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UK Immigration Lawyers

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UK Immigration Lawyers in ICS Legal are recognised as one of the best immigration teams in the UK with over 25 years of combined experience in UK Immigration Advice.

Our UK Immigration Lawyers has an established reputation for providing clear and strategic immigration advice, which is tailored for each situation and client. We do more than just process applications – we get personally involved all the way through the process to minimise any stresses that may occur when moving staff and families across the world. We care on the immigration advice and support we provide. 

Click here to provide us some initial information, so one of our experienced, trained UK Immigration Lawyer can discuss your query and explain how we can offer our help. It allows us to understand your matter and we will always advise you the best course of action.

Our experienced UK Immigration Lawyers and highly ranked team advises both corporate and private clients, including major international organisations, entrepreneurs and investors coming to live and work in the UK, on the routes of immigration available to them and on the UK’s Points Based System. We often help private individuals of substantial means with their complex moves of families and staff to the UK.

Business immigration needs

We help our corporate clients get the right people in the right place at the right time. Our UK Immigration Lawyers advise them on all aspects of business immigration and correct UK Immigration Advice, including:

  1. Immigration Advice and how the Home Office system works.
  2. Sponsor Licences.
  3. Illegal working and compliance under the Points Based System.
  4. Sponsored Skilled Workers.
  5. Global Migration Planning.
  6. Temporary Workers.
  7. Educational Institutions.
  8. Transfers within the European Union.
  9. Refusals and Judicial Review.
  10. Sole Representatives.

We offer the full range of immigration services to corporate clients, with particular expertise and insight to meet the needs of clients within legal, professional and financial services, media and entertainment, technology and energy industries. Our Specialist Business Immigration Lawyers are on hand to provide specialist advice relating to the recruitment and employment of foreign employees. Trust is an important factor in a successful business relationship. This section explains the types of professional services we can provide to your organisation and to your clients. An assignment is never simply about immigration, we provide advice on application for work permits to migration management to strategising your HR policies to comply with UKBA regulations.

Our business immigration lawyers advise corporate clients on all aspects of business immigration relating to the recruitment and continued employment of foreign employees both from inside and outside of the EU. In the modern workplace it is common to need the experience and expertise of certain specialist skills. However sometimes these skills are not available in the immediate location and the employer must look abroad to recruit. In this instance the employer must provide the appropriate legal documentation such as Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) so that the employee is eligible to work in the desired location. This process can often be stressful and lead to a number of legal implications due to the sensitive nature of the desired recruitment method.

The immigration system in the UK is very strict and involves many different rules, that if not followed can cause issues for the employer and the employee. We can assist you with all matters relating to the immigration process to make sure you are confident with your employee recruitment. Our business immigration lawyers have a wide range of experience in corporate immigration law. We provide wide ranging advice to employers in relation to the UK Immigration Rules including:

We have principles and rules that govern our behaviours and our qualities as individuals ensure we are here to provide the right solution to your requirements. As a legal firm dedicated in Immigration Law, our values help us create a unified image of our firm through consistent delivery of services.

Our team are involved on a number of projects which involves working closely with business managers and human resources team, supporting their business in a wide capacity. We work with small businesses companies to multi-national, our experience and knowledge in various industries equips us to provide the required support to your business. Our team are dedicated to meet your demands and provide an efficient legal service to your firm.

Personal immigration needs

Our UK Immigration Lawyers help our private clients, plan their journey to UK residence and citizenship, which includes up to date immigration advice. We provide personal immigration assistance to them in relation to:

  1. Investors.
  2. Entrepreneurs.
  3. Highly Skilled Migrants.
  4. Exceptionally Talented Migrants.
  5. Indefinite Leave to Remain.
  6. Family migration.
  7. Youth Mobility schemes.
  8. EU nationals and their family members.
  9. Graduate Entrepreneurs.
  10. Students.
  11. British Nationality.
  12. British Ancestry.
  13. Refusals and Appeals.
  14. Complex personal immigration matters.

We apply the same standards of client care when dealing with employees as we do for our private clients, ensuring that they, and their families, are correctly advised and looked after throughout the immigration process. Our UK Immigration Lawyers have extensive knowledge to provide the best UK Immigration Advice.

As a recognised leader in UK Immigration Law, we provide the best added value service, including immigration advice, managed services and a wealth of up-to-the-minute immigration updates to support our clients. We also offer bespoke services and training based on client needs and budgets. Click here to read more information on our corporate legal services, provided by our UK Immigration Lawyers. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please speak to one of our UK Immigration Lawyers today on 0207 237 3388.