Information for students required to take re-sit examination

Information for students required to take re-sit examination

Who is this information for?

Students whose student status is ‘Resit without Residence’ who are required to return to the UK to re-sit ¬†examination and need immigration permission to do so.

If you have only just been informed that you are required to undertake a re-sit or resubmission and your status is currently, or is about to be changed to, ‘Resit without Residence’, you should read the information on this webpage in conjunction with the information on our ‘Withdrawals and Breaks in Study and take the appropriate steps to leave the UK as soon as possible.

Please remember that, following a period of ‘Resit without Residence’ status (or Temporary Withdrawal) you should not attempt to re-enter the UK with your original Tier 4 visa as this break in study will have been reported to the Home Office and it is likely that action will have been taken to curtail your leave.

What type of immigration permission do I need to an exam?

The Home Office considers examinations to be engagement with study. Therefore, students must have suitable immigration permission which permits study in order to sit an examination, even if they are only entering the UK for a short period of time. The University expects, and reserves the right to check, that all students either have:

  • A short term student visa
  • A Tier 4 visa sponsored by the University
  • Any other immigration permission which permits study.

If you are an undergraduate student and have re-sit examination in Term 3 (usually April -June), you should receive an email from the Immigration Service in February/March regarding how to obtain the necessary information/documentation from the University in support of your visa application. It would be useful for you to read your visa options below and prepare the necessary documentation in good time.

Can I be sponsored under Tier 4 to undertake my re-sit examination?

If the date of your examination, or official expected return date (if examination date is not yet known), falls no more than 60 days before the date that you are expected to fully resume your studies (become ‘fully enrolled’), it will be possible for the University to sponsor you under Tier 4. In the case of undergraduates only, the official vacation period can be discounted from this calculation. If you are expected to resit more than one examination, the gap between each examination should not be more than 60 days in order for the University to be able to sponsor you under Tier 4.

On submission of a remote CAS request, the Immigration Service will liaise with your department to double check that it is possible to sponsor you for your resit examination. If this is not possible (due to the timing of your exam/s) you will be advised to apply for a Student Visitor visa instead. If the University can sponsor you under Tier 4 you will receive a CAS which will allow you to apply for a new Tier 4 visa to enter the UK for your resit examination and remain in the UK until the end date of your course.

If following the official result of the resit/resubmission of course work your status does not return to ‘fully enrolled’ then the University will not be able to continue sponsoring you and a report will be made to the Home Office resulting in the curtailment of your Tier 4 visa in due course. Please see our information page on Withdrawals and Breaks in Study and Curtailment.

For postgraduate taught students who are required to resit an examination in order to pass the taught part of the course in or order to progress on to the dissertation stage, the date of the Exam Board is considered to be the date of resumption of your studies for the purpose of calculating the length of the gap between the examination and the return to ‘fully enrolled’ status.

When should I apply for a Short Term Student visa and how to apply for it?

This visa category is suitable for those students entering the UK for a short period of time to resit an examination (or examinations). It will be necessary to apply for a Short Term Student visa if you will not be resuming studies (i.e., returning to ‘fully enrolled’ status) within 60 days of the last examination, or where there are gaps between resit examinations of more than 60 days. In these circumstances, the University is not able to meet the requirements of its Tier 4 sponsor license duties and is, therefore, not in a position to sponsor students under Tier 4.

If your circumstances dictate that you could apply for either a Student Visitor visa or a Tier 4 visa, you may wish to read the information about the ‘Advantages and Limitations’ of the Short term Student Visa category on our webpage before making your decision as to which visa to apply for. The same website gives you information about how to apply for it as well.

If you decide to apply for a Short Term Student visa, you will need to contact your Academic Department to ask them to submit a request to the Immigration Service for a letter to support your immigration application. The request form can also be found on the above webpage and is for staff access only.

How can I apply for a Tier 4 visa?

You should read the information on our dedicated Tier 4 web page and make a remote CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) request.

Will I need to present my immigration permission to the International Office?

Yes, you should present any new immigration permission to the International Office as soon as you return to the UK so that your record can be updated and documents scanned as per the advice on our Immigration Responsiblities web page.