Pay the healthcare surcharge

1:Overview 2:When you need to pay
3:How much you have to pay 4:Pay the healthcare surcharge

If you’re making an immigration application online you pay the healthcare surcharge as part of the application process. You must complete the payment and return to the online immigration application in less than 30 minutes.

If you’re making an immigration application at a premium service centre, you pay the surcharge when you book an appointment.

If you’re making an immigration application by post you must pay the healthcare surcharge before you complete your application.

You must pay the healthcare surcharge by debit or credit card.

If you’re applying online or through the premium service centre, you’ll be asked for:

  • your start and end dates on your certificate of sponsorship
  • your course dates if you’re applying as a student

If you’re applying by post, you’ll also be asked for:

  • the type of visa you’re applying for
  • your passport or travel document number
  • an email address

You need to pay by cash at the UK embassy if you’re in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. You can pay in cash at an embassy or visa application centre if you’re in Nepal, or use the online service.

Family members

You’ll need the same information that you used to pay for:

  • any person applying for a visa or other immigration application with you, eg a dependant
  • any person you’re applying to join or remain who is already in the UK (you don’t need to add this person’s details if they are a UK or EEA citizen)

You’ll also need their leave expiry date if you’re joining someone in the UK (or IHS reference number if they have one).

Finish your visa or immigration application

  1. You’ll be sent an email with an IHS reference number. This will also be shown on screen when you’ve paid.
  2. You’ll need to write this on the cover of your visa application if you’re applying by post. You need this reference even if you’re exempt from paying the healthcare surcharge.
  3. Finish your application form and pay your visa or immigration application fee.
Posted on: 13th December 2016, by : ICS Legal