Declaring goods to customs

1:Overview 2:Arrivals from EU countries
3:Arrivals from outside the EU 4:Banned and restricted goods
5:Declaring goods to customs

You must tell customs (known as ‘declaring’) on arrival in the UK if you have goods:

  • over your duty-free allowance
  • that are banned or restricted
  • that you plan to sell

Use the red channel at customs if you have something to declare.

If there’s no red channel, use the red-point phone to declare goods to customs.

You and your baggage can be checked for anything that must be declared.

You may be asked to:

  • pay tax or duty
  • give up banned goods
  • produce documents for restricted goods, eg licences and permits

If you don’t do what you’re asked, your goods and any vehicle you use to transport them may be seized.

Posted on: 12th December 2016, by : ICS Legal