Bringing food, animals or plants into the UK

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You can bring in any plant material from countries within the European Union (EU) if it is:

  • grown in an EU country
  • free from pests and diseases
  • for your own use

The leaflet ‘Bringing fruit, vegetable and plant products into the UK has more information on which plant material you can bring in, and how much of each item is allowed.

Bringing plants to the UK from abroad

If you’re travelling from a country outside the EU, many products have weight and quantity restrictions or are banned completely unless you have a ‘phytosanitary’ (plant health) certificate.

You can get the certificate from the plant health authorities in the country you’re leaving. It proves your plants have been inspected, are free from dangerous pests and diseases, and are suitable to enter the UK.

Buying plants online or by post

Check that the seller can provide a phytosanitary certificate before you buy any plants from outside the EU.

You don’t need a certificate if you’re buying a plant that’s coming from within the EU.

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Posted on: 12th December 2016, by : ICS Legal